Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ed Bestoso: Melaleuca's First Corporate Director VI Melaleuca was still a young company in 1991 when a former drapery business owner named Ed Bestoso enrolled just before Christmas. Now, little more than 18 years later, Ed and Melaleuca have grown together to awe-inspiring heights—Ed becoming Melaleuca's most prolific business builder and Melaleuca becoming the life altering Wellness Company that it is today. Ed has amassed the largest organization in the Company and shown thousands of others how to follow in his footsteps.
With his indefatigable spirit, Ed Bestoso has again shattered the ceiling of what many believed possible by becoming the first Marketing Executive in history to achieve Corporate Director VI. Recently, National Vice President of Sales and Country Manager of Canada Johnny Morgison sat down with Ed for a revealing interview.
Johnny: Ed, tell us about the beginning.
Ed: It all began in December 1991, the week of Christmas. When Corporate Director V Alan Pariser, Executive Director VIII Tom Pisano, Executive Director V Nona Pione and I decided to enroll with Melaleuca, we were all in pretty dire financial straits. I was late on my rent, and I had two kids and no health insurance for them. Tommy, Nona, Alan and I would get together for what you'd now call a Fast Track every night and we'd discuss who we had coming into the business and where we'd place these people. If one person had a bad day, the other three would prop him or her up. We all became Executive Directors in our first year, and we all made between $80,000 and $100,000 in our first year. But that second year, we really got it and made more like a quarter of a million dollars each. We didn't know it back then, but we'd already built a business to last a lifetime.
Johnny: You know, a lot of people, if they found a Kim Cherveny, would just kick their feet up on their desks and enjoy the ride. But you didn't do that. You went out to find more leaders. Why?
Ed: I don't know how to put this into words, but the real truth is that my belief in CEO Frank L. VanderSloot, the management team and the Company as a whole is so strong, and I'm so committed to its continued success because I feel compelled to consistently give something back.
Johnny: You made $2 million last year. It's obviously not about money. What drives you?
Ed: The driving force, for me, has always been the Mission Statement. When I made a commitment to my team, I was holding my own feet to the fire. Some of those leaders had no jobs, some even quit their jobs when they enrolled; they had nothing. I took it upon myself to help them reach their goals. My measuring sticks for new leadership have always been about three things, and every one of my leaders has these three things: You need to be coachable, you gotta have heart, and you have to want to win. If you're not coachable, you'll never get out of the gate. You have to care about others; it can't be about you. And you have to want to win—no one can give you that.
Johnny: Some people might hear that idea of doing the same activities over and over again, and they might think that sounds boring. But you don't sound bored with it. What is it about the business that keeps you getting out of bed each day doing the same thing?
Ed: It's not a difficult business, but we're in a business of duplication. We don't try to develop new-fangled ways of doing it— we only have one presentation we do every time. The exciting part is finding the person who circles ‘3' and digging in and getting them to dream. That's the exciting part for me—seeing the look on people's faces when they turn from skeptics to dreamers. I've always wanted Frank to be proud of me and the work I've done. I've never wanted to let him down. I believe I'm holding a bit of a torch here, and it sends a message when people see that I'm still working.
Johnny: You have Melaleuca's largest business by far and you are the first to achieve this status of Corporate VI—congratulations. As our top leader, do you have any closing comments or advice for our Marketing Executives.

Ed: I would tell them to start dreaming a little about what life could be like for their families when they achieve Executive or even Corporate Director. You need to start seeing yourself as a leader, being successful, then going out and doing the right activities to reach your goals. If you don't have a team, if you aren't enrolled by a leader or have an active support team, you become the leader and put together your own team just as Tommy, Nona, Alan and I did so many years ago. Finally I would say Melaleuca works if you do; it can be your vehicle just like it continues to be mine. After all, the years are going to go by anyway, there is no question at this point that Melaleuca is going to become a multi-billion-dollar company, why shouldn't you and your family enjoy the good life that can be accomplished with it? Just put one foot in front of the other, consistently work this business, never give up, never give in and you'll have a hit just like me and my team. Life is short, you had better get to it, I wish you all the best!

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